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Has the FAA done a deal with EASA to do ramp checks on N-regs?

Thanks everyone for your imput. Now at least I will not be nervous when someone in a uniform walks up to me and my plane.


I juste got ramp checked in a F-reg in Besançon LFQM by Gendarmerie de l’air. They checked aircraft documents, my license and medical. They also asked for the AFM but did not insist when I had left it in the plane.

I asked them about N-reg but they did not seem to be very knowledgeable on that front. They vaguely knew about the difference between a license based on a foreign license and a full FAA license.

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Aviathor wrote:


What is AFM? Thanks


Thanks aka Pilots Handbook


C210_Flyer wrote:

Thanks aka Pilots Handbook

Yeah, like the POH


Are POH and AFM actually the same thing? My understanding is that they are not, although the same document can serve as both. (Not that I know the difference. )

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

Are POH and AFM actually the same thing?

I actually do not seen the difference between an AFM for a Diamond and a POH for a Piper or Cessna. The structure is the same. The contents seems to be the same. Someone would need to point them out to me. Could it just be different terminology between US and Europe?


According to this, AFM is a term out of FAR 23.1581, while a POH is according to GAMA Specification 1 (containing a limitations section that serves as AFM).

LSZK, Switzerland

I append this to this thread, I think it fits here best:

We were ramp-checked in Perpignan yesterday. Two policemen approached us when we were dropped at our aircraft for departure. They were very friendly and appeared to be happy that Mrs. terbang is fluent in French. They asked for pilot’s and aircraft documents and were not interested in flight planning, M&B or fuel. I was able to preflight the plane while they looked at the documents and noted everything in a form. Our Mooney was once D-registered and the previous owner continued to keep a journey log and so do we. The Gendarms appeared to be very interested in the journey log and browsed it for quite a while. Then they told us everything was fine and wished us a nice flight.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany
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