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Slide in TKM 8.33 Khz Nav Comm coming soon (KX155 replacement)!

boscomantico wrote:

Too late. Most KX155s have already been replaced in recent years.

Oh no! They are still hanging around, lots of them !

Bathman wrote:

Well it’s finally on sale

“This is the pre-certified version of the KX155 replacement” ???

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

“This is the pre-certified version of the KX155 replacement” ???

Yep, was wondering the same. What is that supposed to mean? I guess they still haven’t certified it……

We have two very similar threads, wondering why the hell it is so hard to make a … VHF radio! This is one and this is the other

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I know quite a few aircraft which had two KX155’s fitted. The top one driving a glideslope localisers and the lower one a VOR.

The avionics company recommend the fitting of two replacement Garmin nav/coms. The bill was huge.

I could never understood why they didn’t just put a trig com in box 2 and then if needed slide this in unit as box 1 when it becomes available.

I see plenty of KX155 units still fitted with the NAV side working and the COM replaced by the very cheapest lash up that could be arranged, there are plenty of panel places to fit a new NAV / COM………….. the big question is can you get enough of the cheapskate bottom feeders to part with the cash to do so ?

Very true.

I know a couple of other aircraft with king 170 and a 175. Then a round trig fitted in-between all the in op stickers and labeled com 3.

I think it’s a good indicator as to how the rest of the aircraft is maintained.

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