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Online Weather WX Radar Sources

Which websites do you use for good wx radar images?

I use wx radar from Austrocontrol (Austrian Aviation Authority) Aviation Weather. It is free to sign up and use. The loop function is nice to see direction of movement.

EASA CB IR instruction

Some Windy comparison screens from around the same time:

EASA CB IR instruction

I am mostly using the DWD site ( which is very comprehensive although not free. But the advantage is, you can also get many products via the autorouter telegram app or via their own smartphone app, which currently is mostly for Germany but in the process of being updated to something a lot more comprehensive. This site is a full blown meteorlogical workstation and gives a huge variation of products for aviation.

For Switzerland, I use the free Meteoswiss App. The radar pics are up to date and freely zoomable. It also will be updated considerably in the near future to include more aviation meteo.

Other sites:
Meteox has a quite nice radar site which includes lightening information.

If you intend to fly in the southern Balkan or Agaeis, the Turkish radar site is quite useful.
This is the overview map of all of Turkey and surrounding area. Coverage extends quite a bit into the Greek Islands, Cyprus, Eastern Bulgaria and most of the Black Sea. There are subsectors available to click on, the Izmir one works fine for many Greek islands, the Istambul one covers Eastern Bulgaria nicely and the Antalya one covers Cyprus. You have to play with the controls a bit, I find the PPI and Maks pics most useful.

With all those sites, and I am sure we shall see a lot more in this thread, you need to extensively play with them before you use them in earnest to compare and discover their strong and weak areas. Most of them are also sufficiently sparing with data volume that you can often download pics while in flight if you get 3G/4G reception, even on Edge most of them deliver.

LSZH, Switzerland

I use

The first three are available via the Autorouter bot also. I also have a private site which does this stuff, collecting the image and stripping off the advertising. It also has several sources for tafs and metars which all the free sites obtain from the ADDS/NOAA and this sometimes breaks.

The new kid on the block is which via the ECMWF wx model is currently the best out there for a general wx picture into the near future. That also shows radar, for present time obviously.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’m using DWD’s offering ( I’m happy to pay for the information offered there having good quality and timely information. However, the other sites (meteox, etc) look interesting though.

In that context a question on ADL, as it seems a lot of users of euroga have subscribed there. Is there also a portable solution (from a first glance these boxes rather look like fixed solutions)? And if yes, is it possible to overlay their weather information on Skydemon?

Zurich area, Switzerland

I suggest the ADL thread for ADL questions

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Maybe not a direct anwer to you question, but aera 660 has weather radar via internet / WIFI. I haven’t tried it in-flight though, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work (provided you have some form of 4G connection).

(Maybe this post is supposed to go in the aera 660 thread ?)

More on-topic, I myself use local meteo providers like in like in austria, otherwise meteox.
I didn’t know windy had radar, i guess I’ll use windy from now on.

EBTN, EBST, Belgium

@Peter – Thank you for the link! And you know what? Sometimes it helps to read the whole website (of Golze) and not just the product overview

Back on-topic…

Lately I’m looking at windy as an alternative / additional source. But not sure whether I would cancel my DWD-subscription.

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Zurich area, Switzerland
EKRK, Denmark

That one is a funny one. It has repeatedly appeared and disappeared. Mentioned here previously, and lots of other times. Nobody knows how the guy gets the data, becuase it isn’t supposed to be free. Europe sells all radar data.

aera 660 has weather radar via internet / WIFI

Is there any website it can connect to which does European wx?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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