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Germany VFR AIP / airfield information / which German airfields have Immigration

Yes, that SS-closing. I thinks that is a minor problem compared to wrong Frequencies in the FTK and an update cycle of one year.

I don’t quite agree. With a wrong frequency, you simply ask FIS to confirm the right one. With wrong opening hours reported, one will end up approaching the airfield, and then find out it has already closed, possibly more than an hour ago! That can develop into a very big problem, in the evening. And since SD is generally a fine product, there will be no tangible doubts when reading this info, hence one will rather NOT double check through other sources (such as through a call to the operator, British-style).

What is even worse about it is that SD have been informed of the problem. More than a year ago. They have even acknowledged it. Yet they don’t resolve it.

So, again, if one plans to fly to Germany and use VFR-only airfields, the proper way is to get the (relevant extracts from the) AIP VFR, or the Jeppesen. If one cuts corners using SD only, or the FTK, then in 98% of cases all will go well nevertheless, but not always.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

How much of the German textual AIP is available online?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

While it is clearly far away from perfection to have wrong airfield data in Skydemon itself, you should have a look at the ‘List of aerodromes’ where the official administrative information of airfields, including the correct opening hours, are shown….
—> Button ‘Airfields’, then ‘My flight guides’, then ‘DFS German (….)’, and finally you see the file ‘list of aerodromes’.

So, from my view no reason to use other sources next to Skydemon, rather just use the resources of the Software….


Edit: I have compared the data of EDFZ, as suggested above. While SD shows 1800 as closing time, according to the DFS AIP VFR it is open until SS or 1800…

Last Edited by MikeWhiskey at 27 May 07:11
Zurich area, Switzerland

The entire German AIP is available online. However, informations VFR-only-Airports and VAC charts are only available after purchase. You can mitigate the problem by
-not buying the data and referring to eg SD for aerodrome data, frequency and the (german fetish) traffic pattern. You miss information on opening hours and fuel. This is a minor nuisance for me, but ymmv.
-buying the data. The approach charts are fine, but I don’t miss them.
-buying the data in paper form: “Flugplatztaschenbuch” (~20€, better quality than the following, quarterly update service available) or the “Fliegertaschenkalender” (~20€, new edition every year)

BTW: If you buy the data, you get an awful non-indexed pdf-file listing all fourhundredsomething german airfields in alphabetical order. You can keep, store and distribute this file if you accept the data being probably outdated (opening hours and filling stations tend not to change to much from year to year).

Last Edited by a_kraut at 27 May 07:38
Bremen (EDWQ), Germany

OK, if I have this right, you have to pay for

  • for VFR-only airports, everything
  • all VFR charts (VACs) regardless of the airport

For IFR airports, the airport chart is available and will obviously be OK, with some superfluous detail perhaps

What do you get out of the Autorouter airport plate delivery feature? Is it just the free stuff, downloaded from the EAD site?

This is what Jepp MFDVFR delivers, which helps to improve its otherwise poor value for money.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, you buy both your bullet points together.
Autorouter and SD deliver “just the free stuff”. If bought, SD integrates the payware VAC and VFR airfield informations.

Last Edited by a_kraut at 27 May 07:57
Bremen (EDWQ), Germany

Maybe I was not clear enough: Provided you have bought the German VFR AIP within Skydemon, you have have also access to the full VFR AIP and not only the airfield plates. So, when preparing for a flight in Germany, better have a look at the information in the VFR AIP, i.e. check opening times on the ‘list of aerodromes’ (as described above) instead of just looking at SD. There is no need for buying any third party stuff, and, IMHO, especially no need for buying the Fliegertaschenkalender.
Or, just to rephrase, the original VFR AIP-data are available through Skydemon. Just use it….

Edit: Yes, it is just an unindexed pdf-document, however the search function of my pdf-reader worked very well when looking up information for a specific airfield.

Last Edited by MikeWhiskey at 27 May 07:53
Zurich area, Switzerland

It seems ridiculous that even contact details in the AIP have to be purchased.

Presumably most of these airports have websites… so one could contact them. If I was running such an airfield, I would prepare a PDF containing the same info and put that on my website

I do recall a post here that some German VFR airfields posted the AIP data on their websites but got busted by the DFS.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

If I was running such an airfield, I would prepare a PDF containing the same info and put that on my website

Actually, the copyright-owner would take you from ******. But actually no one limits you from publishing your own approach plate for your airfield which you then would release on your website.

I recall some airfields in Germany and even more here in Switzerland, who publish their approach plate marked with “Not for navigational use”; but at least you get an idea….

Zurich area, Switzerland

@Peter, obviously I have misread your post. Actually we are on the same page by creating the own approach plate for the airfield.
De facto, some airfields are doing this. I.e. LSZT Lommis, where they have published a pretty detailed plate as per how they want pilots to approach to / depart from the airfield….

Zurich area, Switzerland
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