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Which Airports for NVFR in Germany/France/Austria?

I’m still trying to do my NVFR rating and seem to struggle with finding a good airfield. So far they all have some kind of restriction like no subsequent landings within 60 minutes, no VFR after 11pm LT, super high fees etc.

Looking for a proven, low orga-overhead solution. I’m based nearby Zürich so anything within 200NM radius will do.



Did you check Strasbourg LFST ?


I heard second-hand that Münster-Osnabrück is a good place for NVFR training, cheap, easy and friendly, but I guess that it is too far north for you.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

At this point I’m not picky any more :) will see if Münster is doable. Straßburg i will also check


Seems Münster osnabruck doesn’t work because I should be able to fly circuits until min 2400LT:

2. Restriction of circling, training, exercise and check flights
2.1 Between 2100 (2000) and 0500 (0400) circling flights as well as repeated successive approaches and departures of the same aircraft for training, exercise or checking purposes are not permitted.
2.2 Exceptions:
2.2.1 For training, exercise or check flights legally required to obtain, prolong or renew an airman’s licence, the Luftaufsicht may grant exceptional permission in individual cases until 2200 (2100).
2.2.2 flight checks and control flights as far as required to maintain flight safety.


What about EDSB? Should be open until 10 pm local time, not sure about restrictions on training flights and circuits.

EGTF, EGLK, United Kingdom

Looks like it might be ok late at night. I read the restrictions to apply to flights above 5,700 kg MTOW only:

EGTF, EGLK, United Kingdom

Actually, I take that back: Unless you have “increased sound proofing”, it seems you can do so only during the week but not on weekends.

I find it interesting that the AIP seems to imply that the aircraft is open 24 hours for diversions although I don’t want to know (unless someone has tried) what detailed a justification I would need to provide if I had to divert there at night due to weather.

EGTF, EGLK, United Kingdom

Wbardorf: weekend restriction is no problem, I want to fly during weekdays. However, I read it that I need to be above 5700 kg to even get a chance to fly after 2200LT. Which of course is not enough as the official night starts at 2130 LT only. I need at least 2.5 h at night to fly circuits.


If it is not urgent now, Memmingen, EDJA
Close by and open til 2200 local.
When I did my night rating there, we usually had Swiss planes for training in the circuit.

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EDM_, Germany
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