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The important trip: Gloucestershire (EGBJ) to Kassel (EDVK)

It is really not much different from doing a “Z” or “Y” flight with IFR pickup and cancellation elsewhere. Only that you file “I” in your plan.

I don’t have much direct experience of elsewhere, but I think that’s about right. My post was a lot of detail about a 15NM leg that I’ve flown a fair few times. Although the detail of each flight is often different, the basic structure is that you take off wearing a London squawk, stooge around a bit working one unit or another until you get your LC join clearance, then off you go. At least the terrain around EGBJ is forgiving, unless you go very wrong and west.

EGBJ / Gloucestershire

The stars have misaligned. It turned out that the fuel transducer didn’t work correctly and a new one is now being shipped from the US. Better now than later but still a week delay due to shipping and my own schedule. :-(

Frequent travels around Europe

If you have time to spare go by air. Welcome to the joy of ownership.

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United Kingdom

Just flew into EGTE. The only minuscule difference to IFR flying in Germany (today) was one call by radar “callsign421 you are going to leave controlled airspace in 35 Miles, thereafter it is going to be deconfliction service”(without even asking what we want). And we got cleared onto the ILS in one go, no two-stage ILS clearance any more? What’s going on, is the UK finally implementing ICAO conformal IFR procedures…

EDDS - Stuttgart

No, must have just caught them on an off day.

EGTK Oxford

A few years after the new systems for ATSOCAS I was in the cockpit on an airliner flying home from Gatwick.
They said they often got the “deconfliction service” on a route to Ireland. They would just reply back without knowing what it was. I (UK PPL) told them about the different services.

ekbr ekbi, Denmark

And we got cleared onto the ILS in one go, no two-stage ILS clearance any more?

This changed in the UK a few years ago (I recall reading a note about it at the CAA House at Gatwick when doing my IR exams in 2011) but my memory is unclear so I think some airports still operate the old system. For example if you fly into Lydd EGMD, they

  • ask you to report established on the 14D arc
  • ask you to report established on the LOC

and (again my memory is vague) clear you for the ILS then.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You can get the same in say France, departing a “proper” airport on a Sunday. I did that once at St Yan, and while that airport’s CAS is then inactive (fairly obviously it has to be otherwise nobody would be able to get out of there because there is nobody in the tower to clear you into the CAS) you cannot just fly into the next bit of CAS up the road. You do have to make radio contact with somebody who can clear you enroute, and it can take 10-20 mins to wake somebody up.

On arrival, ask the TWR/AFIS for the phone number to call to get your clearance in case you depart while they are having lunch or on a Sunday.

Paris, France

First of all I’d like to greet back the fellow EuroGA member who walked to me today at RGV at Gloucester to chat. You were boarding a Commander shortly after. I hope you had a nice flight.

With my new aircraft I went on a training flight – to get reacquainted with the SR22 – to Oxford (EGTK) and back to Gloucester.

It was an interesting experience to fly IFR in airspace G: “you just go” Quite interesting and I liked it.

The plan is now to fly N521CD back to Germany tomorrow. It appears that the weather will be good for that. We’ll see.

Frequent travels around Europe

Sucessfully landed after about 3 hrs at EDVK (Kassel). :-)

There is more to tell but about that later.

Frequent travels around Europe
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