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What OTHER things do you love ... ?

As much as I love flying, talking and writing about airplanes …. I like other things too. Do you have another hobby that’s just as important to you as flying? Here’s my other love (or one of my other loves …)

Two of my other loves in a single photo:

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

What do you mean, other things? Oh besides letting my beloved wife fly me through europe?

I do like music, although I am not playing on a regular basis right now.

Did some “singing” in the past, too:

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Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

If you say hobby, then I’d answer Musical Theater. I found this passion again a few years ago after having been lucky enough to see original performances of legendary musicals like Phantom (Michael Crawford/Sarah Brightman), Cats (Elaine Paige), Chess (Elaine Paige, Barbara Dickson and Murray Head) and Jesus Christ Superstar in London. I got back into it after seeing the 25th anniversary DVD’s of Phantom and Les Miserables. Since, I managed to visit performances by the extraordinary Colm Wilkinson (flying to Limmerick to do so), as well as Phantom with Norm Lewis and the incomparable Sierra Boggess in New York as well as Les Miserables starring Ramin Karimloo.

Quite a few more on my list, but these were my highlights so far.

With Sierra Boggess and

Norm Lewis in New York

Colm Wilkinson in Limerick

LSZH, Switzerland

I’m posting on behalf of Peter:

No, that’s just what I have a glass of every morning

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Even though it’s my business and it’s a tough one, boats (esp. sailing) have really grown on me.

OK, not a representative passenger mix but it does happen every now and then. This is what my wife thinks I do every day there…

A hydrofoil boat which has a double decker titanium wing creating lift so it flies over the water. Very cool but also delicate (Made in Russia).

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That’s a really tough life Achim

For me, it’s my girlfriend (of 11.4 years) pictured here on one of our many trips

and electronics (of 51 years)

and being out in the countryside – this is where we live

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Another musician here:

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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