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Where to meet up in 2016?

If N-reg you just make your own noise certificate. It is very straightforward.

EGTK Oxford

I’ve been to Visingsö once, that’s a great place!
I’d go to San Nicolo any time.

San Nicolo would be popular, not least because a lot of people regard “Venice” as romantic so getting your wife (yes, getting into hot water again but you get my drift ) to come along would be a lot easier.

The only drawback is that it is grass, and when it was proposed Sep 2015 (cancelled due to the Venice film festival) some pilots privately emailed me to say they won’t fly there because they judge their planes aren’t suitable for grass. And I can understand that, having had a “£20,000 pothole” myself.

One could fly to Padova and get an easy train to Venice itself and a boat to the island. The train is about 45 mins (have done it) and does anyone know about the boat options?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As for destinations: both San Nicolo and Speyer are very attractive to me, but I am too dependent on weather to make any long or even medium term plans.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Could someone familiar with Italy check out the transport options, for those who don’t want to fly to San Nicolo LIPV?

I am too dependent on weather to make any long or even medium term plans.

The wx nobody can do anything about. I fixed the date so people can put it in their diary. Many people do plan many months ahead, especially when there is a family involved

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

LELL ( sabadell in spain? ) or was it already a fly in?

I will make this weekend my last longer vfr trip for this year to sabadell. The weather still looks promising and a beautiful city in the vicinity. A nice destination for almost whole the year.



my aircraft has been in San Nicolo many times, last a year ago, pretty much when our flyin should have taken place. My prop clearance is NOT great and my gear very stiff, yet the crew reported it to be no problem at all. It´s long enough, kept well and flown to by thousands of airplanes of most types. I think in that case it is really hearsay.

LSZH, Switzerland

OK, seems we are now talking / thinking Spain or Italy. These mean a fuel and possible a ‘nigh stop’ when starting from the north of England (EGCF) and Italy means The Alps ! VFR, no turbo, no FIKI and no Ox (at least we have a set, but needs looking at), plus cost of these longer trips from EGCF.
I’ve done the Austrian Alps twice now – both times were meant to be VFR but !!!!!!!
Good job I was solo – many, not all, from the P2 seat would have suggested a 180° on both my crossings!!!
Understand “there are old pilots and bold pilots, but there ain’t any old bold pilots” – in my case it makes me wonder.
Anything suitable for all on the South Coast of France ?

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Regret no current medical
Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom

Or just over the French boarder into Italy ?

Regret no current medical
Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom
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