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Low-budget / Low-profile meet-up in summer?

Such a meet-up would apply different criteria:

-) ILS not required, even a hard runway is rather a “nice to have” than a requirement
-) would need to be really centrally located, given the lower speed and range of this category of aircraft
-) 50 € dinners are of little interest, not even with a speech by the emperor of China
-) ideally, both AvGas and MoGas available
-) simple yet clean overnight accommodation on the field would be ideal
-) camping under the wing also in high demand
-) aviation-related points of interest very welcome – the Peenemünde installations, for one example
-) even more than other such events, dependent on weather
-) even more than other such events, many cancellations to be expected

Also, most pilots I know in this category do not need to make things interesting for partners or family; their partners have either joined the hobby or found their own. If there’s a partner at all, to be kept happy. This means the summer months of July-August would not be excluded, at the contrary they offer some hope of good weather.

Seeing the importance of weather, it would be nice to spread the meet-up over several days – ideally a bank holiday but I do not know of a pan-European one in the summer months. August 15th might come closest.

Who would be interested at what dates and at what locations?
For myself, all of summer plus September would do, I would prefer CZ or Slovakia or perhaps Poland, because of affordable cost of living and good availability of accommodation. As crossing the Alps is not self-evident for modest planes and their pilot-owners, and as I have seen few such participants from the South, I suppose the location would best be North of the Alps.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Jan not exactly close but am still hoping to make it to the Piper Treffen

Oxford (EGTK)

Looks like a great initiative Jan. I look forward to reading the reviews of your event. Where are you proposing to hold it?

EGTK Oxford

Great idea!

If you chose Shoreham EGKA I could show you around. The old town is quite nice and there is a nice walk along the river, by a load of houseboats.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Great Idea!

For me, located South of the Alps, Hungary or Slovakia would be acceptable.


@Peter: thanks, but the UK does not really meet the need for a central location – except if half the candidates were from France, or near, and the other half from Ireland… Besides: would those houseboats offer the affordable acommodation required? I can’t help doubting so.

@JasonC: I am not proposing anything or any place, I am merely querying for interest. To little effect, as yet.

@Robert: some nice points there, the Speckbuffet is especially tempting! Still Austria is not really the ideal location for my idea, cost of living is rather elevated and then there’s their requirements for transponders and ELT’s and perhaps more such expensive stuff.

@ermajn: your reply made me think of LHBK Balatonkerezstur but that would perhaps be better in September?

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

The trouble with “Central location” is that simply translate to “close to me”! It can never be central “enough” to keep everyone on a budget happy.

So rather than trying to make it central to everyone, if I was you, I’d choose somewhere that you are happy to work with, and where you think you’ll get the most visitors, and work from there. Of course many won’t be able to get there on a budget, but if you choose the right one, then hopefully you’ll get a good turnout.

You can do a more formal one (like the May & September ones) or perhaps easier to do something more informal like the various Le Touquet ones. Easier to organise and scrap (due to weather) the less formal ones, but harder to get a good turnout.

I know Jacko has tried a few times to oranise Sligo. Unfortunately he likes to clash with my events! The first weekend he tried clashed with my stag party, and the second one with my wedding. So long as he doesn’t clash with my honeymoon I’ll definately try to be there the next time he suggest!

Good luck to you wherever you choose. It should be fun!

EIWT Weston

Germany, Austria or Czech Republic are enough central if you take Baltic states into consideration.


Colm, you’re a difficult man to pin down, what with all your new matrimonial responsibilities, so I’ll leave you to suggest a date – and it doesn’t have to be EISG, if you know a better eatery within reasonable day-trip distance.

And Jan, CZ sounds perfect, but with 300 NM just to reach the English channel any pilotentreffen in Europe is going to be PROB20 for me.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

But Jacko you can bounce off water. The channel should be a piece of cake, no?

EGTK Oxford
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