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9-10 September 2017 fly-in - Astypalea LGPL Greece

petakas wrote:

Pandair, Meander, I often hear such Handling Agents for Greece.

A friend of mine who flies business jet uses Pandair on regular basis (mainly at Corfu) and he’s quite happy with their service. I don’t have any reason not to trust him However, you’re proven source of reliable information as well and I’ll quote page when I ask quotation next time.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There’s a good chance my wife and I will join. We drop of my son at Rotterdam Sept 3 (starting university in Holland) and we will have until Sept 10 free for holidays. I believe we’d just leave the plane on Crete through October (good excuse to return for long weekends!).

Will Syros have AVGAS by then?

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Tököl LHTL

I was at Syros this weekend. The guy at the Air BP office said that they will start selling fuel tomorrow 3/7/2017.
See also this post for pics of the refueling station

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Tatoi, Athens LGTT, Greece

I will probably join by boat, as I will be in the islands around there at the time =)


Emir wrote:

However, I experienced this in Italy (Bari) arriving from Croatia and even arriving from Palermo and departing to Croatia. Regardless my explanation of EU regulations, customs officers asked for passport.

Croatia is not (yet) part of Schengen, so there is no free movement of people from/to Schengen countries from Croatia.

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LSZK, Switzerland

Croatia is not (yet) part of Schengen, so there is no free movement of people from/to Schengen countries from Croatia.

That’s true but it doesn’t have anything with customs. To make it simple: non-Schengen equals immigration i.e. police control; non-EU equals customs i.e. customs control; customs doesn’t equal immigration.

Last Edited by Emir at 11 Jul 23:46
LDZA LDVA, Croatia

How many are interested? Currently I see


so 5 aircraft.

Not counting those arriving by boat or airline

I have emailed the airport, regarding 5-10 aircraft.

I have created a Telegram group for this fly-in. Joining link is here.

This is the apron. For scale, the runway is 30m wide.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think that @chrisparker was also interested – see #06

Cambridge EGSC

Just got this

Like with Carcassonne in 2016, we seem to have an airport which doesn’t want planes flying there. I wonder if a local can check it out… The above is from the CAA, not the handler.

It will probably work because say we get 10 planes going down there. At least a few will cancel (e.g. with Copenhagen about 50% cancelled) and if say we get 7 arriving at Samos, if just two of them have only 1 person inside, that person can fly with someone else and leave their plane at Samos. For example I am likely to have 2 spare seats. Also if there are any high-wing planes, one can park a lot tighter on the day.

I believe these islands are obliged by the CAA to always keep spare parking available for the combination of

  • 1 Bombardier Dash-100 or other airports one Dash Q400 of Olympic Air, and
  • 1 Medevac Super Puma helicopter of Hellenic Air Force
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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