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Fuelstop Portugal/Spain before Atlantic Crossing

Here is a pic of ‘Ocean Flying’ written before GPS existed

Unfortunately have to go now, but it looks like our man is nearly there! Congrats and Godspeed!

PS: didn’t we recently have a thread about longest flight in one day? I know who the winner is on that one!

He just flew past Santiago. The fuel stop was in Vigo.

Eric has been a resident of Malta for some years. Brought his V35 with him from the US.

Now he is bringing it back.

Did 18 hr flight across the Atlantic flight in August. Northern route. Edinburgh to Montreal in 1 day. But we were 2 onboard, so I guess it doesn’t count ;)

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Wondering why is flying so far north of Santa Maria??


Landing Ponta Delgada?

No 100LL there


He has landed Ponta Delgada.
Will try to find out why


Hope he can get some fuel (somehow) and whatever help he may need otherwise!

Santa Maria closed 4 min before his ETA.
So he had to divert….
Not much wiggly room in the Azores it looks like.

He tried speeding up enroute and burned an extra 30GAL, but was still 4 min too late.

So his flight tmrw will be even longer now…..

Thats it for tonights late evening “Live” thriller. Got a bit exited when it looked like he was gonna fly past his Destination……

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quatrelle wrote:

quatrelle 22-Oct-15 21:12 #31

Here is a pic of ‘Ocean

Great book Im humbled by her accomplishments.

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