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1 hour Review Flight & Expiry Date

I am aware that I need to have a 1 hour review flight with an instructor within the second 12 months of my 24 month validation cycle.

However, my instructor says that the next 2 year cycle starts from the date of the review flight.

I thought the next 2 year cycle would start from the expiry date of the current cycle. This appears more logical, otherwise the 2 year cycle would always be less depending on the date the review flight is taken.

Any clarification would be most welcome.


You are talking the SEP on an EASA PPL, right? Yes, you are right.

Instructors, just like „plain“ pilots, are not immune to such errors, given the maze of regulations and all the continuing changes they have to keep track of. This one however has never changed and it is one any instructor should know without any doubt.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I answered on the other place as well:

You on a PPL or LAPL?

Definitely revalidating by experience and not by proficiency check?

Now retired from forums best wishes

The date is the same as long as you fulfill the requirement within the last 12 months. The instructor has misunderstood the rule. Just like they have mentioned above.

Sweden, Sweden

I think OP has a LAPL = you are subject to LAPL recency:

FCL.140.A LAPL(A) — Recency requirements

Holders of an LAPL (A) shall only exercise the privileges of their licence when they have completed, in the last 24 months, as pilots of aeroplanes or TMG:(1) at least 12 hours of flight time as PIC, including 12 take-offs and landings; and(2) refresher training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with an instructor.

I think your instructor is trying to explain you are on a 24 month rolling validity and you must check your recency before each flight, hopefully the above makes sense now? All the best

Now retired from forums best wishes

Yes, I think few people understand the LAPL “rolling” currency which is different from 2 years currency in a PPL (bit like pax 3 takeoff/landing currency), I bet 80% of those on LAPL are running on PPL currency…

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Thank you to everyone for the discussion – I am now aware of the requirement for LAPL Validity.

Regards John

And note a subtle, silly and probably quite unintentional difference: while SEP(L) revalidation requires “12 hours including at least 1 hr. training flight” (within last 12 month of validity period) – then LAPL validity is depending on 12 hours PIC plus at least 1 hr. training flight (within 24 months before flight).

Last Edited by huv at 27 May 13:22
EKRK, Denmark

The LAPL validity is often discussed for those flying gliders on FCL such as LAPL(S)/SPL(S) both subject to “rolling currency”

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I’ve just had that same discussion a few days ago and there may (may!!) be a difference between the UK and the rest of Europe. I always did my EASA reval by experience flight in the second 12 month period and that didn’t change the expiry date on my UK-issued license.

However, to avoid potential Brexit-related issues I recently transferred my license to Austria. As I happened to be there a few days ago, I intended to do my reval flight on that occasion, assuming the same situation as in the past. Ha! Not so…. Apparently, to maintain the original expiry date, the reval flight has to happen within three months of said date. Doing it sooner means that the 24-months period now starts at the date of the reval flight. The FI was talking to is also an examiner so I’m pretty sure he knows his stuff. This is for an EASA PPL.

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