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Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 conversion for aviation (merged)

The Bose QC25 headsets, to use the Leosound mic, do you need wired or Bluetooth headset?

Both options work as the LeoSound mic uses the QC25/35 audio jack and when it´s plugged in the bluetooth (if equipped) is disabled automatically (function of the headset itself). The QC25 is wired only and the QC35 is bluetooth and can be wired too.

Last Edited by Destinatus at 27 Dec 16:32
Czech Republic

I received last week a Nflightmic to use with a QC35 I have here, but not only. Actually I choose this one because I could potentially use it with another ANR headset I have. I am also using regularly a A20 since more than 1 year now, doing more than 100hr/h. And I bought it because during family trips, that are happening very often, I always have trouble with a club headset. This one is nice because pax can choose between connecting to intercom or to tablet/smartphone for amusement…

I am positively surprised by the ANR performances, that I expected to be not that good. You have to press a bit the ear cups a bit on the ears to have best effect, because the QC35 is not designed to press and hold firmly on the head, but it is really nice. Performances will also decrease when wearing sunglasses. I have used on a noisy warrior, and also DR400. And the confort versus the A20 is really improved. It is light and pleasant to wear. No feedback on battery time, just done 3 flights of 1h.
It is:
-lighter, confier, has no box between plugs and headset, and smaller than the A20, which is a nice plus.
but :
-ANR less performant on long flight, battery can quit you without possibility to recharge (A20 just need new AA battery), and for turbulent flight, A20 is hanging better on the head.

I also add that the volume is nicely controllable, and it’s not the case of the competitor, but may be wrong.

Last Edited by greg_mp at 18 Jul 13:30
LFMD, France

So, given that Amazon has the Bose QC25s for $129 (US only, it seems), what is the current common wisdom on the GA adapters?

The Avee looks nice, but at 245 EUR (not sure how to activate their “FlyDayDiscount”, perhaps that is the discounted price) is noticeably more expensive than the Leosounds one, at 175 EUR – the nicer looking magnetic mount isn’t worth the 70 EUR to me.

Then again, the NFlightMic Pro, at $200 / 180EUR might be the best of both worlds?

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

I’ve bought AvMike-1.3 at 185.50 EUR, happy so far.

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