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Fly in to Spain - La Cerdanya LECD 29 Sep 2023

aart wrote:

3. Come to ‘my’ field!

sorry for the stupid question, which one is your field?
I would be happy to join if given a chance.


It’s called Son Alberti. You can find it in Skydemon, south of the LEPA CTR. It has several codes, but the owner forgot which is the correct one. He’s more into expert flying than into burocracy More important than coding, it appears in Garmin navigators as ‘Son1’. Anyone, please don’t just go there, get in touch with me first.

Looks like we have some interest in another fly-in to Spain then, and let’s stick to LECN or LEAP. I’ll start a new thread.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Peter wrote:

An interesting site which seems to focus many mirrors onto the top of a tower. I recall reading about this many years ago; they were renting it out for thermal shock testing of materials. Or maybe it was a solar power station?

It is this solar power plant.

Not far from there is the more spectacular Odeillo solar furnace, which is used for thermal chocks.

ESMK, Sweden
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