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Creating a basic airport database (merged)

Nothing like a voice of optimism…

North Weald, United Kingdom

Good idea.
It found my home base and I have added the restaurant that is next to the airfield.

Günzburg EDMG

jgmusic wrote:

Nothing like a voice of optimism…

realism perhaps. A well populated database with a good app could be a big success and I wish it well – my choice of destination is largely driven by food

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

The biggest challenge in European GA is the different cultures and specifically languages.

The site would need to support English, German, French, to cover the main GA-active countries. But that leaves you with the job of automatically translating the pilots’ contributions, which nowadays probably works just about adequately, for those main languages at least.

You would also need somebody to moderate it, because people will post material intended to damage it. So you need a “report” button and somebody to keep half an eye on it.

Not sure about an app. A website designed properly for mobile presentation (like EuroGA is) is a complex job, with loads of style sheets and other stuff I know nothing about, but that is the correct way to do it – notwithstanding the current fashion to demand an “app” for everything App development is a fool’s errand, destined to be a poisoned chalice for the project when the developer gets fed up with chasing the latest smartphone and supporting 100 irate users Contributors will then desert the project just like developers deserted Symbian when IOS came out Whereas if you do a website then you need to support Safari, Chrome, Safari, Safari, and to get the last 10% you do Firefox.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

The site would need to support English, German, French, to cover the main GA-active countries.

Really? If you have a license and an international radio cert I guiess you can read English as well.

No app needed just mobile enabled website.

EKRK, Denmark

Also needs a map in my opinion

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

lionel wrote:

Tried to add “La Table de Juliette” at LFJY, but since it does not know that airfield, it does not let me.

Hello Lionel, for some reason Chambley was listed under LF52 (I’m using the database). I created a new airfield LFJY, so you can add “La Table de Juliette” if you wish!

Thanks for the feedback. It’s fun to see a few restaurants popping up in the database and I appreciate the various suggestions sent through this forum and through Drift.

Regarding app vs web: it’s not really a debate at this point as I don’t have the bandwidth to write a real app. As for which one is best, I ran into this conundrum a few years ago and building and maintaining an app on iOS/Android that that time was many orders of magnitude more involved than setting up a responsive website. So let’s stick with web for now and focus on the features!

For now the restaurants reviews need to be manually published before being searchable. Hopefully that will prevent spam for now.

I’m going to write down a roadmap for the project; I’ll share it with whoever wants to read it.

If you have a license and an international radio cert I guiess you can read English as well.

I think, Michael, you missed out the long threads in which certain posters angrily expressed the opposite view, occassionally chucking their toys out of the pram and “leaving” (actually only stopping posting) while blaming Peter The Mod for all of the world’s Evils

I reckon way more than 50% of European GA, particularly in a few countries, speaks virtually no English. They consequently cannot fly outside their own country in most cases but that doesn’t bother them. Of course Benelux and Denmark are not among them, along with former Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. This mirrors the experience from any export business.

This sort of project has to go for the widest possible and really easy participation. This is clear from previous attempts to create airport databases, which apart from one mostly-German one are mostly empty.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have zero idea if it is possible but the kind of thing which would solve the language problem would be to buil a “Translate” button into each PIREP which would push the text to Google Translate or something similar

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands
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