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Technical start-up in IFR

boscomantico, I feel you didn’t get my point. I ask for start-up when my estimate is that I will not wait at all with engine running. By denying me start-up clearance at that time, they only push the whole timeline past what they would like/expect (and also add stress to me, as I’m eating up into my CTOT tolerance). If they don’t care if I startup earlier, I think it would be much better if they advised me (something “earliest possible taxi clearance at 1403”), but still let me startup. I purposefully say something like “FOO TWR, CALLSIGN. Request start-up with respect to CTOT 1413”, to signal that I’m very well aware I will not get a taxi clearance before “estimated taxi time before 1408” (the latter being CTOT-5min), but to reach that, I need to start-up now. Maybe I should be more explicit and add “estimated time between start-up and taxi at least 12 minutes” when I call for startup at 1356Z?


From what I have been (recently) taught, start-up clearance opens the flighplan and you have 15 minutes to takeoff.
If you get out this delay, ATC can ask you to refile or delay, even if they are usually tolerant with student flight and smaller planes.
If you feel you can’t be ready in between this 15 minutes, which can happen when you take time to start and prepare the plane to taxi (student…), you can ask a technical start up, which allows you starting engine but doesn’t open the flightplan.
This morning at Le Castellet, I asked clearance twice with the G1000 on and he takes more than 5 minutes to get the clearance from LFML, and I was about to ask a technical startup to avoid getting the battery too low.

LFMD, France

Earliest possible startup.

It seems to vary, according to local arrangements, but it likely to be around filed EOBT minus 10 minutes. Whatever it is, it can be totally impossible to get a startup approved before that.

@airways @atmilatos @gallois @caba and others may know more.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I fortunately have ground clearance power, but as VFR only it’s not as important yet.
However it has been useful as I have had a couple of scenarios happen to me recently.
1. The flightplan wasn’t available (for whatever reason, and We had to re file)
2. There was an aircraft locally (airborne) with an issue, and they wanted to give him a little time to sort/return (If We were in a hurry, I’m sure we could have negotiated but were happy to wait).
I can empathise with Lionel, as when I’m on anything more than a ‘burger run’ I do need time to prep the a/c how I want it, and I always seem to take longer than those around me.
If I rush you can be sure I’ll forget something. Usually nothing much, but something.
So this ‘timeline’ may be something that I notice when I have an IR.

Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

Don‘t worry. Experiences vary. I have never, in any country of Europe, Once I had started up, been hassled by ATC to „get going“, when there was no CTOT.

And when there was a CTOT, I have never had a case where the time between earliest possible startup time and the latest possible takeoff time, was not enough to get ready without hassle.

A-CDM airports are certainly a bit of a different topic, but there are only few of them, and most of them are not attractive for light GA anyway.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

Still, since having AR (and thus always having the latest ATFCM and DPI Information at hand) I have never had a single case of a) where my startup request wasn’t immediately granted.

I have, flying out of LFOT Tours. I normally startup and then call for startup clearance when ready to taxi (no ground clearance switch). In this case, when I called the tower, they said that it would be about a 5-10 wait for startup clearance…. oh sh1t ! While I was considering how to handle that (if I powered down, I couldn’t receive their startup clearance unless I left the avionics on and running down my battery for an expected 10 minutes), they came back to me after about 30-60 seconds with the startup clearance.

LSZK, Switzerland

You can give your mobile number to the controller to call you back on when he’s got your start clearance.


denopa wrote:

You can give your mobile number to the controller to call you back on when he’s got your start clearance.

Not really as a matter of standard procedure.

EGTK Oxford

JasonC wrote:

Not really as a matter of standard procedure.

You may be lucky and get called by someone else
Obviously, ATC should have it in the FPL

The two times I heard phone numbers exchanged on RT was airliner pilot deviation from clearance and missed payment for a grass strip landing

Last Edited by Ibra at 09 Oct 22:29
ESSEX, United Kingdom

Thank you all for your input !

I will stick to my handheld radio for now :)

Cessna T206H owner / pilot
LFPN, France
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