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Prague LKPR has become cheaper

Effective end of March, landing and parking of GA aircraft at LKPR have become considerably cheaper:

Landing charge for MTOW up to 5 tonnes is now 1047 CZK (~39 EUR)
Parking charge is 346 CZK (~13 EUR) per tonne per day
For aicraft parked at Terminal 3 (GA), the crew bus fee is now waived (or so it says in the charge calculator on their site)
There is also a 591 CZK (~22 EUR) departure tax per passenger, if any

Thus, for example, a TB20 coming without passengers for 2 days would pay a total of 74.4 EUR.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

That’s brilliant news!

However, we have had this in the past. In 2014 I obtained a quotation from them and it was like the above. I asked them to check that it is ALL there is and they confirmed. Then it turned out there were extra charges which brought it to about €200 and which were introduced at the final payment stage. I showed them their email with prices and they just shrugged their shoulders…

Exactly the same happened the following year, 2015.

I think it was a “handling” charge which did it.

The result was an empty apron, whereas in 2005 (when I first went there in the TB20) it was full. Back then it was about €60.

In 2015 the charges which I have kept a record of were (1400kg aircraft, so probably charged at 2T)

landing czk 1047
parking czk 1600 (3 nights)
slot assistance €9
turnaround €54
disbursement €35

All plus VAT 21%

Then I got this

So, before going there again, I would like to get a quote which can somehow be confirmed as complete.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I agree. These “calculators” almost never yield “real” results.

The only truth is in real invoices issued. Ideally scanned and posted here.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

What staggers me is that I have tried to get the full price from LKPR twice, each time me being pretty sure something is missing and telling them so, and each time they said that’s it, and each time I got the €200+ bill.

How much more can one do?

Fly there, walk in, and bang one’s head against the wall?

Apart from this bizzare issue, LKPR is a superbly organised airport, with very friendly staff. Next time we try to “do a Carcassonne” and get told only 6 places are painted on the tarmac, we can go to Prague, with 100 planes, and they won’t bat an eyelid.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

How much more can one do?

Show them the email then give them the money in the email and not a penny more. Thats total BS that they hit you up for more. The amount they gave you is not an estimate or a quote stating blah blah blah that it could be more. Or was there such an out in the email?


I paid around 120€ this weekend for 2 nights: handling + landing fees.


@Vieke how many passengers and which handling company?

Last Edited by honza at 02 May 18:57

1 passenger, handling: [email protected]


Unfortunately definitively not cheaper !

I received a quotation for this weekend :
- Landing fees : 1 × 38,10
- Handling : 1 × 73 (mandatory)
- Pax : 4 × 22,6
- ABS Parking : 79 hours x 0,94
- Towing : 1 × 55 (mandatory due to WIP)
- VAT : +21%

=> TOTAL : 400.22 euros incl. VAT. for 3 days and 4 pax. Far away of what I’m used to pay to land IFR in big european cities (Paris, Dublin…)
(Avgas 2,40 €/L all taxes included)


Wow, expensive!

Have you asked for an estimated quote when you contacted the handling company? I must also say I did my slot booking etc myself.

Last Edited by Vieke at 12 Jul 21:17
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