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Autorouter issues (merged thread)

I sent a request on Feb 18 and no answer so far.
Still, I like the tool very much.


I got the answer today.


me too

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

Got the answer also to one question. Some remain open.

EDRT, ELLX, Luxembourg

While the tone in this thread has been overall very decent and reasonable, we should be very careful about looking a gift horse in the mouth (apologies to the non English native speakers). As soon as money is offered/requested/accepted, then expectations rise exponentially in the current world of on-line products where gratuitous criticism is common. My suspicion is that Achim is making a judgement of each ticket’s urgency (and usefulness in the case of enhancement requests) and responding accordingly. After all, without any revenue Autorouter support is being provided by his or someone’s spare time for which we should all be eternally grateful. Given the situation (not a commercial product with a formal help desk), I would suggest that a lack of response to certain queries/tickets should not be cause for concern unless the functionality of Autorouter were to degrade which I don’t see happening.

It is certainly correct that Autorouter by its nature (being free and if I understand correctly dependent upon the availability of support from one or two people) “could” disappear from one day to the next. In that sense, we should all have at least a backup in mind for the case that we are en route and have no access to its services for whatever reason. We certainly have no recourse if such were to transpire. Real life experience from my viewpoint is that this has never been an issue. On the contrary, it seems to be one of the most reliable and dependable tools available and is constantly being enhanced.

LSZK, Switzerland

Another thing we could consider is supporting Achim and Tom and being their backups in case of problems / lack of time. Any IT guys can probably help at least partially and as one of them I would offer my services. If Achim and/or Tom are reading this, they can contact me any time. At least Achim has my direct contacts and a PM here on euroga works as well.


I agree that any payment dramatically raises expectations and demands (in any situation). However it is worth pointing out that they must be making some income from the licensing to Garmin and possibly others – e.g. the Aeroplus product mentioned here appears to be using the same system. So while I don’t know anything more than anyone else here, I don’t think it is just a hobby project.

I also think that given the Autorouter’s past launch/association with EuroGA, and EuroGA’s widespread presence in Europe, people can be naturally expected to post these questions here. I found it personally quite ridiculous and frustrating to have to PM the thread URLs to Achim during the various periods when he had “left”. I don’t do it anymore.

It’s a good service and long may it last, because we have no alternative – well not for less than 200-300 euros a year. I suspect that most light GA IFR pilots would not pay anywhere near that and instead start hacking routes by hand, using some validation website.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is it me not having a good Monday….or has the clickable link/banner on this site to Autorouter disappeared?!?

ESOW, Sweden

It was removed recently. You should still be able to reach their site via (I was doing some work on the DNS recently and it was still there, pointing to some IP) but I am not sure if they still support the EuroGA login credentials. I know Achim put in some code to change people over away from that whenever there was some certificate issue here As everybody knows, the two developers have basically done a vanishing act from here (the sort of thing which goes on on forums; frankly I have enough to do and have very little interest in worrying about it) so I don’t see why we should feed them new business in preference to supporting other products. Nor, of course, should they expect it! In addition, IMHO, given the dire backup situation for Eurocontrol autorouting, we need some new options.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Good to know your approach. Was always nice to visit EuroGA, while planning a new route. One less reason to come here then.

ESOW, Sweden
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