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ForeFlight (merged thread)

Snoopy wrote:


Foreflight just updated on my ipad and I think there is a bug, I downloaded/updated all the latest charts and data and now it says my Jeppesen Chart cylce is expired or when selecting an airport the Jeppesen chart section is blank, only eurocontrol charts are there.

Working fine for me.

EGTK Oxford

I reentered my subscr details and redownloaded all and it works now.

EASA CB IR Training

Laracrucuas wrote:

Hi Josh,

I contacted the support but they told me that this is a normal behaviour, is that correct?

Hi Laracrucuas,

I may need more information. Could you send a direct message on EuroGA with your email that used to contact support so I can have a look for the case to get a better understanding of the issue.



FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

Sure, just did!

EDFE, Germany

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share the release notes from the past two releases in December and January.

11.11 (December 2019)

Files in Flights

  • Attach files, documents, and photos to a flight plan for faster inflight access and improved organization.
  • The new “Files” button at the top of Flights lets you attach files from your camera or iPhoto library, iOS Files app, or ForeFlight’s Documents view. You can also import files via AirDrop, drag and drop from apps in Slide Over view, or attach scratchpads from the Scratchpads view.
  • Flights supports a wide range of file type attachments, including images, PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files, .txt and .csv files, and more.
  • You can annotate attached files while viewing them in Flights, and also rename files or send them to other apps using the iOS share sheet.
  • Files in Flights sync between all of your mobile devices so you can access them from your iPad or iPhone.
  • Files in Flights are available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Enhanced Approach Procedure Markers

  • Approach procedures loaded in your route on the Maps view can now show Jeppesen-sourced speed, altitude, and IAF/FAF information for each waypoint marker in the procedure, even when the procedure plate isn’t displayed.
  • Each marker’s label shows associated altitude and/or speed limits in addition to the waypoint name.
  • Additionally, the markers for an approach’s initial approach fix and final approach fix use unique icons for faster identification.
  • Enhanced Approach Procedure Markers are available with ForeFlight Performance plans. They are available for most, but not all approach procedures in ForeFlight.

NOTAM Warnings in Route Editor

  • The Route Editor on the Maps view will now warn you of airport or runway closure NOTAMs affecting airports in your route by displaying a red warning icon on the airport’s route bubble.
  • Tap the route bubble and tap “View Alert NOTAM” in the list of options to see the NOTAM or NOTAMs producing the alert.
  • Tap “Show All NOTAMs” to view other NOTAMs at that airport.
  • NOTAM warnings in the Route Editor are only available on iPad, not on iPhone or ForeFlight Web.

Georeferenced SIDs/STARs in Procedure Advisor

  • Procedure Advisor will now show Departure and Arrival procedure plates in the Procedure Preview when you select a procedure with a georeferenced plate, just like with Approach procedures.
  • Viewing georeferenced charts on the map or in Procedure Advisor is available with ForeFlight’s Pro Plus subscription plan and above.

ForeFlight 12 (January 2020)

Camera Modes & Route Line in 3D Review

  • Follow planned and recorded flights from a new interactive third-person view of your aircraft and route line.
  • Use the new Camera Mode buttons in the bottom-left of 3D Review to switch between first- and third-person modes. In third-person mode the camera stays centered on your aircraft, allowing you to pan, tilt, and zoom the view to see it from any angle.
  • In both modes your route line appears as a blue curtain that the aircraft travels along, making it easy to see your route’s path before and after your current position.
  • Track Logs recorded with an AHRS-capable device like Sentry will incorporate pitch and bank data into the blue aircraft’s movements in third-person view.
  • 3D Review is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Import G1000 Track Logs to ForeFlight

  • ForeFlight can now import and display track logs recorded by a Garmin G1000, making it easier for G1000 owners to keep their track logs organized and accessible in one place.
  • Tap the new Import button in the top-right corner of ForeFlight’s Track Log view to find and import G1000 track logs on your device or on an SD card connected with an adapter. You can also import track logs via Airdrop and iTunes.
  • ForeFlight marks newly imported track logs with a “New” tag to make them easier to find after importing.
  • Imported G1000 track logs retain all types of flight data supported by ForeFlight’s own Track Logs, allowing you to use them with features like Track Log Review and 3D Review.

Plain Text PIREPs on Maps

  • ForeFlight will now translate and display PIREP information in a more readable format, similar to how ForeFlight displays METARs and TAFs.
  • Tap on a PIREP marker on the Maps view to see each component that ForeFlight is able to translate displayed individually below the PIREP’s original coded text.
  • ForeFlight already provides a plain text translation of PIREPs as part of the Graphical HTML Briefing.
  • International Navlog Template
  • Change the layout of ForeFlight’s Navlog with the new “International” template, offering an alternative format with more space for note-taking and other changes.
  • Tap the Navlog Settings button in the top-right corner while viewing a Navlog to select the International template and refresh the Navlog.
  • The International template includes extra space for notes, including your ATIS, clearance, and inflight actuals, as well as a layout that some operators may prefer for international flights.
  • The International Navlog Template is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Tap on Distance Rings to Change Style

  • Quickly change the Distance Rings style on the Maps view by tapping any of the labels attached to each ring. You can then select any of the available styles, including Automatic (Distance), Automatic (Time), or five fixed distance and time settings.
  • Enable Distance Rings in the Map Overlays section of the Map Settings menu (the “gear” button to the right of FPL) on the Maps view.

Biplane and Floatplane Location Markers

  • New location markers representing a Biplane and a Floatplane are now available to display your GPS location on the map during a flight.
  • Select the new location markers or choose from many other civilian and military aircraft in More > Settings > Current Location Marker.

As always we have more in the works that we plan on delivering every month! Stay tuned for more!

- Josh T.

FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

Any news on the fly-by waypoints in Eurocontrol autorouting?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

We have some pieces in the works for route constraints, but I don’t have a time line for you right now Peter.


FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

Are there any further enhancements planned for the basemap?

I am asking because from my perspective the “high resolution basemap” which was introduced in October is nice but still does not solve the main issues.

EDNG, EDST, Germany

Hi Supersonic,

Yes we have continued enhancements for base map + several features planned for Europe in 2020.


FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

Josh_Tahmasebi_ForeFlight wrote:

Hi Supersonic,

Yes we have continued enhancements for base map + several features planned for Europe in 2020.


Looking forward to it – thx for the update!

EDNG, EDST, Germany
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